We offer a first class carpet cleaning service, along with soft furnishing for our clients. Our trained staff are experts in the cleaning of all types of carpets and upholstery. We are used by restaurants, banks, retail stores, nursing homes and many other commercial organisations. Our carpet cleaners use top of the range equipment, using a hot water extraction system providing excellent results to carpets and upholstery.

Be assured, your carpets and fabric items will be treated with care. Our operators are fully insured and trained in their field. Our carpet cleaning service is fast drying, there is no risk of shrinkage and no damage to carpet fibres. Eco-friendly products are used to clean the carpets and upholstery, leaving them looking and smelling fresh!

Here at Ace Cleaning Services Glasgow, we also offer a specialised leather cleaning service from our fully trained leather technicians. Be assured you will receive a prompt and first class service, so why not call us for advice and a free quotation, or drop us an email.


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Carpet Cleaning Company

1) Time Saving
By hiring professional carpet cleaners Glasgow, you immediately save time and effort as our professionalism is invaluable.It takes a considerable amount of time to clean any size of house and so is always best to hire a carpet cleaning company.

1) Stress Free

You don’t have to worry about ‘preparing’ your house. We will come in, take over the moving of the furniture and get straight to work. Hassle and stress free for you!

2) High Standard
Our professional carpet cleaners use top of the range equipment and so will always be able to get more dirt, dust and any other unwanted things in your carpet than you will ever manage by hand. Our machinery alone will leave your carpet as fresh and as new looking as the day you bought it.

3) Banish odours
Because of our expertise and high quality equipment, we can get out even the toughest stain or bad odour. Scrubbing your carpets year after year just pushes smells and odour further into the caret fibres – our machines can remove years of dirt and grime! Not only that, we use eco-friendly products so as to ensure your carpet and fabrics are not at risk of being damaged during cleaning; it also leaves a lovely, fresh smell. We will get your carpets clean and smelling wonderful, rather than having to constantly mask the smell.

4) Extend the Life of Your Carpet
Maintaining your carpet with a professional carpet cleaning company will save you money in the long run. The high standard of cleaning which we achieve each time will help to extend the life of your carpets.

5) Get the Job Done Right the First Time
If you are hiring a professional carpet cleaning company Glasgow, you can be sure we will get the job done first time and it is best to call us first before you try some DIY.

6) Relax Knowing That Your Carpet is In Good Hands
Finally, if you have been worrying about that red wine stain on your cream carpets, white dress or bedsheets, then have no free. Sit back and relax and know that you are in the safe hands of a professional carpet cleaning company in Ace Cleaning Services.