To ease the transition from construction to open-for-business, hiring a construction cleaning company that specialises in post-construction cleaning services can make all the difference in that last critical stage. The freshest thing in a client’s mind will be how they experience their new building for the first time. We can make that first impression a great one.

Any kind of construction makes a huge mess: sawdust, dust from drywall, paint spatters on floors, carpet fluff left behind, dirt tracked in from outside and left over construction materials. Getting that dirt and dust out of everything can be a nightmare for anyone not well acquainted with doing so.


Benefits of Construction Cleaning


We have got the resources and services you need to finish your project. Whether you need a rough clean, a final clean, or a touch-up clean. We have great experience in construction cleaning and the cleaning of site accommodation with catering and washroom facilities. We have worked closely with shop fitting companies and have knowledge in catering to all types of commercial properties, whether new build or reconstructions. We take care of everything right down to your “hand over.”

We know how to store, handle, and dispose of cleaning products, for the safety of people, the building, and the environment. We are aware of any local regulations regarding cleaning substances and disposal, to keep your job site on the right side of the law – we will do all of the construction cleaning effectively, quickly, and safely. Our construction cleaning employees know where to look for messes, both hidden and out-in-the open, and know how to clean up, fast and efficiently.

At Ace Cleaning Services Glasgow are always pleased to offer a cleaning quotation to any part of the construction and building industry, so please either give us a call, drop us an email.


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