Frequently Asked Questions

It is unlikely that you won't find the answer you are looking for on our website, but incase you don't, please check our FAQS which should cover everything you could possibly be unsure about. 

Feel free to drop us an email, tweet or facebook message and we will get back to you within 24 hours – we are here to help and provide a first class, all round service.

We only require a few hours cleaning per week. Can you help?

Of course and delighted to do so.

Are all employees
fully insured?

Yes they are. Once contracted our insurance certificate will be put in place along side your cleaning specification and method of work.

We would need you to be “key holders” and be familiar with our alarm system. Would this be acceptable?

Yes. Several of our contracts have this system of entry and exit. We would run through the necessary codes with you and keys would be safeguarded.

Do we have to sign
a contract?

A very simple one. Termination by either party on one months notice which we think is fair. Be careful not to tie yourselves into a long term contract. The result of this can lead to all sorts of problems for you the client. We prefer if future clients sign our monthly contract arrangement. It’s not complicated. It simply asks that upon wishing to terminate for any reason either party must give a months notice by email or in writing. We think this is fair on both parties.

We require a waste management system to be put in place. Is this possible?

Not a problem. This is now becoming more the norm than the exception and we are fully aware of the workings and the environmetal benefits.

Do your cleaning staff receive any type of training?

The best system of training in our experience is for new starts to work alongside staff who have been with our company for some length of time who will show and guide them as to the cleaning standards required. A new staff member is never put in place to work alone. Only once we are certain that they are capable do we allow them to proceed with a contract on their own behalf.

If there is a small problem can we contact management directly?

Of course you can. We are contactable at any time.

Are you a newly
formed company?

No we have been in the industry for over twenty years originally as a window cleaning business. We began our contract cleaning side of the business in 1989. We have grown steadily since then.

What areas
do you cover?

We cover central and southern Scotland.

We don’t need a cleaner on a daily basis, perhaps twice weekly. Can you provide a service?

Yes we can and delighted to do so.

Can you supply all the consumables we may need for washrooms and staff kitchen areas and waste disposal?

Yes and at competitive rates too. This is an area where some companies overcharge in order to make up for the “competitive” hourly rate they charge.

Are you fully

Of course. Certificate of insurance is included in our quotations.

We may need references. Can you provide them?

We number national companies among our client list and have references to hand. We were thoroughly vetted before being awarded the cleaning contract for Strathclyde Police Credit Union Department.

Can you offer a costing by telephone and do you have a set hourly rate?

The simple answer to both your questions is..No! We only provide a costing after a site visit and inspection of the cleaning required, the number of cleaners required and providing advice on a time schedule.

How do we cancel our existing cleaning contract?

This may seem ridiculous but it’s astounding just how many companies ask this question. Many people who deal with the existing contractors can be intimidated in one way or another. Some bulldog type supervisor badgering them as to why the want to change and generally making a change over as difficult as possible. The weak ones relent, the strong ones show them the door. Be one of the strong ones!

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